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Is Your "Fire" Blocked??

I have decided to devote the next five blogs to discussions of the Five Element Theory of Polarity Therapy or simply the Five Element Pathways. It is truly fascinating to me how polarity therapy works to clear and balance the energy currents in the body.  I hope you find the information interesting, insightful and helpful!  All life is an expression of energy in motion, a life force, sometimes referred to as chi or Prana. Polarity Therapy Theory holds that this life energy presents itself as five discreet qualities characterized by the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. By virtue of these elements, the physical human body is created. The first Element Pathway I would like to discuss is the Fire Pathway, as it is one that get’s blocked easily for many people, and the outward signs that it is blocked are very clear! Have you ever been in your car driving along, when another driver comes along and cuts you off, and you immediately flip them the bird, or utter an obscenity at them or just feel real rage and insult! Instant anger like this is an obvious sign of a blocked fire pathway.   Other signs of blocked fire are headaches, digestive disorders, stomach problems, liver problems, and nervous system disorders. Difficulty manifesting who you are in the world. i.e. trouble moving thoughts into action, is another sign of a blocked fire pathway. If you have lots of ideas and dreams, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to take the next step, your fire pathway is most likely blocked.  Fire represents the inner male, or Yang energy. Water represents the inner female, Yin energy. A balanced Fire Pathway enables us to trust and act on our thoughts to create a form for our creativity (water) to flow in. Without the form of the riverbed, (fire), the river (water) cannot flow, it only dissipates.  When the Fire Pathway is clear, we are able to access our light and creativity, feel kindness and compassion for others, live as our highest self, exercise good judgement, and manifest thoughts into reality. We get things done that bring us joy, follow our soul’s path. If you feel that your Fire might be blocked, reach out and schedule a session to clear and balance this Pathway and the rest of your energetic system. : )  And please feel free to pass this article along to anyone whom it could help. Thank you for reading! Wishing you joy and healing!

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