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I was dying a slow death of poor diet and tons of medication.  I took meds for asthma, arthritis, depression, pain, nausea, allergies and sinus trouble.  I had digestive problems, not to mention taking Tylenol every day for everything.  I was so very unhealthy, morbidly obese and I knew I was going down a bad road. In the past year I had spent more $3,000 on western medicine and doctors visits.


How did I get here? I would ask myself every day. I had no conscious idea, except for all the events leading up to this mess and how I felt.  I was clueless on self-care, yet I worked 36 years in health care trying to meet everybody else’s basic needs.  I could no longer exist this way, I wanted more out of life!  I want to live life.  Approaching 54 years, I am the exact age my grandfather, Dr. James Arne, dropped dead of a massive heart attack in his home.


Since my late 20’s I had felt stuck, blocked, deeply sad and unable to move forward through past painful events, relationship failures, losses, and health issues.  I lived like a snow plow, pushing through life not really dealing with any feelings, just taking a pill to not feel and get through another day, week, month, and eventually years. 


I use to lay in bed and cry asking myself why. How did this happen? I was a good person, helped people, loved people and gave all and anything I had, except to myself. 


It is no coincidence that my path in life has led me to JoAnn Dowe, Polarity Practitioner and healer.  I have had transforming Polarity Therapy sessions, unblocking stuck and dark energy, and allowing me to move forward today. She has guided me on nutrition and given me many helpful tips on how to nourish myself in different ways.  During the sessions, I feel energy being cleared moving through my body and mind. I breathe, and let go.  I have found Polarity to be a vital part of taking care of myself today.  I feel more grounded, centered, in touch with myself and my spirit guides.  I now have a conscious awareness about how I treat myself, love myself, and every living creature.  


I feel alive again. I have weaned myself off all of my western medicines.  I eat only a plant-based diet, and I’m losing weight.  I have more energy and feel like I am living my life again.  I am acquiring tools to work through hard and painful times and deal with every day stresses.  I fully believe that Polarity has changed my life. It is money well spent for a lasting life change.​

Linda M., Greenfield, MA

I have had the immense pleasure of receiving polarity treatments from JoAnn Dowe on numerous occasions.   She has a true gift and power to heal.  JoAnn takes the time to understand her clients, so she is able to provide customized treatments that meet their needs.  JoAnn is sincere in her approach to heal others and ensures they are satisfied.   Since receiving treatments from JoAnn, I have been able to see clear shifts in my thinking as well as make life-changing decisions.  JoAnn’s treatments have cleared away the stuck energy and allowed for me to move forward with my soul guiding me.​

Amanda S., Portsmouth, NH 

Every session I have with you is like drinking from a chalice of golden luminescence. I love that your voice stirs the elixir of energy you draw in with the highest of intentions. It's easy to trust all that is, and to go deep with the natural sweetness of your grace. Thank you always! 

Meredy H., Portland, ME

JoAnn is a naturally gifted and well-trained practitioner. Her Polarity sessions allow one to go deep into layer upon layer of relaxation, stillness and healing providing a great treatment for the body/mind!


Peter C., Portland, ME

I love Polarity.  I find it more relaxing than traditional massage and on a different plane entirely. I schedule regular sessions as a health maintenance effort. 


I won’t try to explain the mechanics.  Just know that you will float away and have difficulty staying awake during the session.  The last time, I went in with a headache which was gone by the end of the session.  The environment is cozy and warm,  the music is soft and soothing ,  and JoAnn has a kind, honest, relaxing and listening style.   Also, one feels her commitment to and passion for this technique.


Cindy S., Portland, ME

JoAnn Dowe may well experience joy through the healing she provides through her practice. I am here to express my appreciation for the joy I have experienced during and after her treatments. Her sensitive hands have left me refreshed, rejuvenated, and thoroughly relaxed. Not only does she share the healing attributes of her touch, she also is generous with her insights into what contributes to a healthy life. JoAnn treats the whole person and I have undergone miraculous changes as a result of the many ways she has touched my life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her generous contributions toward helping me to find healthy avenues to lasting changes in my life.


Charles S., Brunswick, ME

JoAnn has a gift as a natural therapist. She invited me to a Polarity Therapy session not long after my husband died. Because I have never used holistic therapies, I was not sure what to expect.


When I arrived, JoAnn was waiting for me and guided me to her beautiful therapy space. The room was full of calming images, soothing sounds, faint fragrances, and restful light.  In this lovely place, JoAnn explained the nature of Polarity Therapy and what she would be doing.  I felt like I was talking to a caring professional who understood what I was feeling – beyond what she could understand as a longtime friend.


During the therapy session, I felt calm and comfortable as JoAnn quietly went about her work. From time to time she would explain a little more about what she was doing. After the session, I was surprised by my emotional response.  In an indescribable way, I felt lighter and better.


JoAnn approaches Polarity therapy as one who understands and believes in the healing powers of holistic therapies. I truly had a profound experience in my Polarity Therapy session with her.


Michele P., Baltimore, MD

JoAnn’s work is some of the most powerful and effective treatment I have ever received. Every time I leave her, I feel grounded, more like myself, and am more aware of my body and mind. I recommend Polarity to anyone, particularly with JoAnn. She is kind, inquisitive, and incredibly knowledgeable about polarity. Before each session, she sits with you and asks what you feel you need to be done and uses your answers in her work to make sure you have the most effective session possible. I am grateful I learned about Polarity through JoAnn; it’s become something that helps me relax more than massage, and even therapy. If you want to release tension, feel grounded and more connected to your life, see JoAnn. It will change you for the better.


Leeza K., Portland, ME

For more than three decades I felt like a huge part of me was missing. I’d look in the mirror and feel disconnected from my self and not whole. I began to think this was “normal”, however, deeply I knew it was not. 


JoAnn, the moment I heard you talking about Soul Retrieval, I was instantly curious. Somehow I knew that I wanted this experience, and probably even needed it. 


The soul essence of SELF LOVE was gently and graciously returned to me. This was remarkable for me because for the years I lived without it, I was so empty.


I feel so different now.  It’s hard to describe this experience. Right after the soul retrieval, honestly I did not feel much. The next day however, was a completely different story. I woke up having floods of feelings. They were all good and positive. I was emotional, cried a lot but was not sad, was full of love and clumsy as ever. I felt like a little excited child wearing shoes way too big for me. Then I remembered JoAnn, you said it would take time for this to integrate and reconnect with the rest of my soul. 


Today I feel like the soul essence you retrieved for me is a gift that keeps showing me my beauty every day. I feel full, happy, connected, with eyes wide open to my future, and loving myself. I was lost. Now I am home, and peaceful. JoAnn, whole heartedly, I have YOU to Thank. Forever grateful for your healing powers and the wisdom of Soul Retrieval.


Grace S., Sandwich, Massachusetts

Sometimes, no matter how much self-care we do, we need a reset button that someone else presses for us. I think the world can swing from dynamic to down-right heart-breaking on any given day, often several times a day, making us crave a sense of stability, wholeness and self-certainty. It takes a grounded, able-bodied practitioner to realign our bodies and spirits with just the right amount of care to make that happen. Additionally, insightful communication for our minds to hear is imperative in not only putting us “back on track” but awakening our own ability to heal ourselves, to feel good about our lives.  


My session with JoAnn did just that. It is difficult for me to know where to separate the practitioner from the work because JoAnn is essentially a channel, a light-filled delivery system of energy. I had never had polarity before but I felt like I had taken a nap with Jesus afterwards! Her connection to Spirit is also evident through her toning technique. Sound waves change the vibration, and when JoAnn sings, tones or chants, the vibration emanating from her increases, sort of filling the room with light. I am pretty sure JoAnn could practice anywhere but her healing space is also quite warm and inviting. JoAnn’s ability and evocative words are divinely inspired and it is clear that she is “tapped in.” I cannot wait to book another appointment! 

Mary Katherine S., Writer & Shamanic Practioner, Portland, ME

My work and some other aspects of my life had been in a rut for the past couple of years. I was aware that I needed to make changes but not sure what these were and how to get the ball rolling. I was spinning my wheels recirculating worried thoughts about finances and wasting energy wondering why I was stuck.
I thought of my friend JoAnn and her work doing Soul Retrieval/Polarity. I wasn’t sure what a Soul Retrieval was but I knew I felt out of balance and this seemed a good place to start, perhaps to help clear an obstacle and reclaim something that would help me get back into the FLOW!


So I made an appointment and was soon over at JoAnn’s warm, inviting and safe healing space. It is a space filled with beautiful natural treasures she has gathered or made: feathers, beach stones, gemstones and her spiral and sea life paintings. Just entering this sacred space is restorative. We began by discussing my situation and recognizing what needed to be released. Next while I lay on the bodywork table JoAnn played drumming music and began to sing/tone over me while activating bodywork points. JoAnn’s singing/toning was my favorite part of the session. She has a lovely, resonant voice. While she was singing, I felt cradled by angelic and healing forces. We ended up finding two important soul parts that wanted to return to me and welcomed them back.


It has been a few weeks since the session and now that I have integrated the work, which JoAnn mentioned might take a couple of weeks, I feel much more grounded and energized. I have a sense of what direction to go in and am starting to move forward with making the necessary changes.


I am so grateful for the work we did together and for JoAnn’s unique and special skills as a Shaman/Polarity Therapist. I have recommended her to other friends in need of this profound and life changing, healing work!


Heather K., South Portland, ME

I highly recommend Polarity Therapy with JoAnn of Inner Stillness Healing.  Her warm, welcome and calming environment immediately puts you at ease.  Polarity Therapy has helped me release tension and pain, while making me feel more balanced.


JoAnn tones into the underlying energy patterns and flows of your body, working to put you into a state of deep relaxation.  Using the information from the intake interview she concentrates on areas that need attention, clearing and releasing negative energy in the process.  The combination of touch, aromatic oils, music, and toning work together in unison to move energy, release pain, and restore balance to your system.  I am always amazed that I often feel more relaxed, more at peace, more restored than when I meditate or have a typical massage.  I leave every session feeling lighter, more relaxed, yet more energetic, and have a sense of peace and clarity that lasts for days.


I highly recommend a session with JoAnn; her skills and gentle spirit are a perfect vehicle for this healing therapy that will help balance, restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


-Kate C., Greene, ME

For starters the space alone is healing, calming and womb like. Being able to process with JoAnn after the session is a way for me to integrate her work into my system and her insights seem to be on target with where I am in life.

The soul retrieval session was lovely & caring.  I felt a direct hit (surging of energy) in my heart chakra during the retrieval session and a feeling of openness. I always leave feeling “I don’t know what just happened here, but I know it is good and healing”.


- Mary M. Cape Elizabeth, Maine 

After experiencing a time of upheaval in my life, I booked a polarity session with JoAnn of Inner Stillness Healing. It was so deeply needed. As a practicing energy worker myself, I usually take great care in feeling whose work is right for me – it was an instant Yes with JoAnn. The session was perfectly tailored to address every nuance of my experience at the time and was exactly the best fit to get my body back in balance. Our session left me feeling very uplifted, balanced, energized and immediately began opening new doors in my life's direction. JoAnn is wonderfully knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does. I highly recommend her services to others looking for energetic balance, clearing and healing. 🙏🏻

-P Louise C. , Falmouth, ME

I am in the most crucial state of transition in my life and was stuck, ill, emotionally drained.
I was skeptical, yet searching, then opened up to JoAnn.
I will never forget and will always be grateful for her healing power and nature.
JoAnn is highly intuitive, soulful, a true healer. Her awareness and teachings have rocked my world.
She taught me to be open, and incredible paths opened the day I received her healing energy.

- Melinda J.

JoAnn and I have had several sessions together and her shamanic healing is so powerful. Although we are on opposite sides of the country, we made remote work successful, and I very much enjoyed working with her. She is truly caring and wants to help you on your life journey. After she did some spiritual cleansing and soul retrieval for me I was able to make big shifts and movement toward my goals. I had been dealing with a broken heart and a move across state. I am happy to report that with her love, help and guidance I am now able to open my heart, speak my truth and ground myself. I am even off my anxiety medication because through her healing techniques, I found my true self. I am now stronger in my new relationship, I am happier in my career and I made the move without too much stress. Thank you, JoAnn, for all the work you do.


-Kelly M.

First of all, JoAnn's healing space is magical!  The artwork, the light, and the womb-like space invited me to surrender to the polarity session and surely contributed to the deepening of my overall experience. The polarity session was powerfully healing in ways I could not have anticipated.  JoAnn's hands channeled power and healing that seeped into every muscle, tissue and bone of my being.  She is a gift to this world and to our local community.  

 -Dory C.

I cannot say enough positive things about working with JoAnn. I first came to her during a big life transition, feeling lost, uninspired and with a lack of confidence. After just one session I walked away feeling stronger mentally than I had felt in months and more prepared to step into the unknown that was my next chapter. 

JoAnn warmly welcomed me into her office and worked to hear where I was at so that she could best help me throughout my transition and beyond. I now live out of state, but always look forward to visiting home and catching a session with JoAnn!"

Heather K. 

Boulder, CO


I found JoAnn during a very challenging time in my life. She helped me navigate that time specifically through her work in healing both for my brother and me, before and after his transition. I am forever humbled by her generosity of spirit, her empathy and work ethic during this challenging time. I am getting better and better each day. I regret not finding her earlier, but everything happens in divine timing. 


Thanks and many blessings.

 - Anonymous

I would like to thank you for the healing session that I had with you.  It was amazing!  I use to have a feeling of heaviness ( like dark energy) in my body which is gone now, after the work that you did for me.  And I feel more connected with my real self that I had decided to put aside months ago for some personal reason.  It’s been so long that I was looking for a Shaman who inspired trust and it wasn’t easy until my husband found you and we both felt your good energy.  Keep doing this wonderful job, because the world needs your good energy.   

- Anne Lise D. 

JoAnn is a refreshing warm light in a sea of darkness. Destiny brought us together during a day sea-kayaking trip. Having a kayak, but no kayaking buddies, she invited me to go with her another day. It didn’t take long for me to discover all the hidden reasons why we met. For two years before we met I was chasing everything that encouraged growth and healing. I had attended a lot of therapy, but was slowly transitioning into some personal healing modalities. My yoga practice was consistent, I was journaling and completing different writing classes focused on prompts to aid in growth. I was meditating, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, doing breathwork, reading a lot, and tuning in with my higher self. Still, I often felt stuck, unable to move past some things from my past, as well as the motivation to do so. After expressing some of these concerns to JoAnn, she encouraged me to come to see her. My first session was really more powerful than I could have imagined. I’m not quite sure it can even be described, but rather something you absolutely have to experience. JoAnn acted as a bridge between me, my guides, my Angels, my spirit animals, and more. My second session was even more powerful. I had been lying sick in bed for days suffering from what Western medicine diagnosed as Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Western medicine was failing me and not providing anything to alleviate my nausea. Someone in my life encouraged me to seek alternative medicine and I immediately thought of JoAnn. After chatting with her a bit about my condition, it became clear to us both that there was more to my illness than what appeared on the surface. She performed a similar ceremony to the first one and even more came through this time. Both sessions left me feeling lighter and more supported than I had felt in years. The second session even made my nausea disappear for awhile when literally nothing else had. I look forward to more sessions with JoAnn, reaching the nooks and crannies I haven’t been able to reach alone. Thank you.

- Kayla B., Portland, ME 

My first remote session with JoAnn was POWERFUL.  After experiencing face-to-face sessions for years, the remote healing session gave me a new experience. Since I no longer could feel JoAnn’s touch or hear her words and toning, I was able to focus on what was happening inside me. This experience was profound in many ways. I asked JoAnn to look at past life experiences, knowing something was there and keeping me stuck. Not only did she find what was stuck, our debrief session showed that my experiences coincided with what JoAnn had witnessed.  The whole thing baffles my mind, but I 100% believe in what happens. I also trust the experience and JoAnn’s wisdom immensely.


 - Mary

I've had the honor to have received several distance healings with JoAnn over the last year. In my first distant session, I received about 45 minutes of powerful, transfiguring toning. The work immediately shifted some of the density I was experiencing at the time, and helped accelerate needed physical healing. Our most recent session tackled deep energetic imbalances with distance polarity. JoAnn taps into some deeply powerful and loving spirit helpers. She is incredibly sensitive, intuitive, grounded, and sincere. She has a capacity to hold incredible space, in person and in distance. I know that when I need big work, JoAnn is a powerfully ally to help shift and support powerful healing.


- Mandy W. Georgetown, ME

My session with JoAnn was the first for me with soul retrieval. I was not sure what to expect but felt called to make this journey and stumbled upon JoAnn’s site. When we connected on the phone, I knew right away that I had been called to do this session with her, and I am eternally grateful. I am about one week out from the session. I had three “soul pieces” return and the integration work has certainly been a process—but a welcomed one because I feel “connected” in a way that is unexplainable. My children can sense it too, which is extraordinary. My four year old commented on my “magic” (one of the soul pieces that came back) unprovoked, which was so incredibly cool! I have been doing energy work for the past 2-3 years or so with polarity, reiki and shamanic work. JoAnn’s session was powerful to say the least. I will add that the majority of my energy work is distance. It is honestly a better fit, I feel, because you feel more at peace in your own space so it adds a different level of comfort. For me, I can relax better and be more attuned and ready to meditate or relax as needed. 
This was such an important part of my journey and I feel so rawly connected in a way that I am not sure that I ever have in the past. 
I am abundantly grateful. 

 - Elissa W.

This has been an incredibly liberating experience for me. JoAnn has been a crucial part of my healing journey and has helped me to feel free in all areas: physically, mentally and spiritually. The message(s) given to me after each of our sessions (all remotely experienced) have an unexpected depth of meaning, and I walk away from each session feeling restored, relaxed and clear-minded. 

JoAnn’s empathetic nature immediately puts me at ease and her capacity to apply the wisdom from the spirit realm is truly just astonishing. She’s always spot on. She’s given me back pieces of my soul which have allowed me to feel whole again. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful and sacred work that she does and I am so grateful to have found her. 

—Jillian C , New York, New York


I have been on a long journey of spiritual awakening and finding my voice as a Light Worker. Recently I came to the realization that it was time to do Soul Retrieval work to help me process old grief and traumatic experiences. I felt this would benefit me personally, but it would also benefit my Reiki practice. The Universe brought me in contact with JoAnn and I am very grateful it did. It was a joy and honor working with JoAnn. The Polarity and Shamanic sessions were very powerful and insightful. Besides having had their own intrinsic healing effect, they also provided me with empowerment and tools to guide me on my journey and help me do personal healing work by myself. The session was remote but its impact was no less powerful. The session was profound, felt sacred and I felt "seen" at a very deep level. I will most definitely go back to JoAnn for a followup session."


 - Edwin, Scituate, MA

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