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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing 

Below is a description of some of the types of shamanic healings.  All sessions involve more than one “kind” of healing. I draw from a variety of tools in my box, and the guides show me what is needed for the client through the journey. The descriptions in this section provide an explanation of what might be experienced, but each session is unique to each client and the sky is really the limit in the world of Shamanism and Energy healing.

Power Animal Retrieval


Everyone has an animal spirit and guardian at some point in their lives. They are our allies who help us with personal power.  Think about your favorite stuffed animal as a child, or a ceramic figure of an animal or mythical creature that you cherished. They can leave when the relationship fades or if we forget them. When we lose a power animal that was with us, we can become depressed, have physical illness, sleep issues, lack of motivation. Power animal (PA) retrieval brings back a guardian spirit who has left and is ready to return. It can be done for adults, children and animals. This work is especially helpful for children struggling with emotional or physical issues. Children still believe in the magic of animal spirits and are very open. Animals and pets, which have experienced trauma benefit from PA retrievals as well.  PA retrieval for animals is done remotely. 


Energy Intrusion Extraction Work


Energy intrusions result from negative words, thoughts and actions directed at you or absorbed by you unintentionally.  Intrusions (pure negative energy) can take up residence in your body and manifest as chronic pain and disease, depression, anxiety, fatigue, negative thought processes, addictions and PTSD.  Extraction work removes these energy intrusions from the body and fills the spaces with pure source energy, allowing for deep healing.


Ancestral Healing Work


Sometimes our pain, fear, anxiety, and suffering are the result of suffering or trauma that occurred to our ancestors. Trauma experienced by an ancestor can be passed along to us in our cells and DNA.  A shamanic healing of a wounded ancestor heals all of the generations going forward, including your  descendants.   Healing your ancestor can heal you directly. 

Transfiguration (Healing with Spiritual Light)

We ARE light, and we came here to shine.  Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten that we are light beings, and why we are here on this earth. Transfiguration is a process by which a shamanic practitioner accesses her own divine light energy, and then uses it to power up the healing light in any living form. This could be humans, animals, plants, water, soil, a tree– the list is endless.  When I transfigure, I like to see myself as a brilliant star and feeling that sparkling white light, filling each cell in my body. 

By toning or singing pure vowels, I radiate the light to the client, activating and raising the vibration of his or her cells. The client, lying comfortably on my massage table, absorbs this light, envisioning his or herself soaking it in, using a visual such as a thirsty dry sponge soaking water, or a flower soaking up sun.  A 60-minute session can accelerate the healing process for physical and emotional illnesses. It can be a deeply relaxing and profound to experience. Transfiguration can be used to heal environmental toxins as well.  It is a powerful healing tool with many applications.  Please see the description of the history of toning for more information. 



Remote sessions:  All the work described in this section can be done remotely. Please reach out with any questions or for a free phone consultation. 

The rate for sessions is $100/hour.   A session typically lasts 90 minutes. 


Request Your Appointment

Call me at 207-331-7707 or send me your requested day and time zone and I will get back to you regarding availability.

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon.

Leeza K.

JoAnn’s work is some of the most powerful and effective treatment I have ever received. Everytime I leave her, I feel grounded, more like myself, and am more aware of my body and mind.

Charles S.

JoAnn Dowe may well experience joy through the healing she provides through her practice. I am here to express my appreciation for the joy I have experienced during and after her treatments. 

Amanda S.

JoAnn takes the time to understand her clients, so she is able to provide customized treatments that meet their needs.  JoAnn is sincere in her approach to heal others and ensures they are satisfied.   

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