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Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval


Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice dating back at least 60,000 years, according to archaeological evidence. The word shaman means “one who sees in the dark”.  A shaman interacts with spiritual beings to assist people with physical and emotional illness, receive divine information, help the deceased “cross over", perform soul retrievals, lead community ceremonies, and many other roles.  In early times, shamans served as doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers. 

native american drum

In Shamanism, it is believed that when a person suffers trauma, emotional or physical, that fragments of our soul, soul essences, flee to survive what has happened. In this context, think of the soul as our life force, the energetic vitality of the body. Soul losses can occur after physical, sexual or emotional abuse, loss of a loved one, surgery, accidents, divorce, war, terrorism, natural disasters, and addictions. Any event that causes shock can cause soul loss. Soul essences can even be taken by another person.  A soul essence leaves as a way to help lessen the pain experienced by a person during a trauma. It is a protective mechanism. Symptoms of soul loss can include depression, addictions (food, work, relationships or material items), lack of physical or emotional energy, feeling stuck, feeling lost, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, chronic grief, immune system deficiencies, relationship problems. 

Shamananic practitioners can retrieve lost soul fragments by entering into an altered state of consciousness, connecting with helping spirits to locate them and returning them to the energy body. In ancient times, soul loss was well understood, and soul retrievals would take place within days of the trauma. Today, practitioners may need to go back decades or even to previous lifetimes to retrieve lost soul essences. 

A Soul Retrieval session begins with a thorough intake with the client about the issues and concerns that are arising. The client will then lie on a massage table and be made comfy with blankets and pillows.  After any needed energy clearing work, I then will journey to retrieve between one and three soul essences that are ready to return.


The retrieved essences are blown into the client’s heart. There may be some tingling sensation felt, as this is pure source energy being returned to the aura (energy body). Rattling helps the energy be absorbed and integrated. The client is then gently awakened from resting state, and a story is relayed of what essences returned and the visuals observed during the journey. It is a beautiful experience when these beloved and long lost soul essences return to make us more whole, more complete.

Distance Healing


It is not necessary to be in the physical presence of a client in order to perform a Soul Retrieval. The work can be done from afar, as it is the energy of the client that is being worked with. Many times, the work can be more powerful for the client, as the ego is not involved and the distractions experienced by the physical body are minimized.


For distance healing work, I will have an extended Facetime conversation with the client before I begin the work. We keep the phones on and I will clear and repair the energy system, and retrieve the returning fragments. Soul Retrieval works while the client is resting quietly at home or even sleeping. When finished, I will make an audio recording of the session, and then reconnect on the phone to debrief the session.


Distance work allows clients from other states and countries, or people with mobility issues to receive Healing without having to travel or be inconvenienced.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

The after effects of Soul Retrieval vary with each person. People may feel more present in their body, more grounded, joyful and light, or more complete after soul retrieval. For some, deep feelings may release that need to be further processed. Others may feel only subtle differences until more integration work is done. It is important for the client to choose a special way of welcoming the soul essence(s) home and integrating this beautiful energy. For several weeks this integration work should be done. It can be as simple as drawing a picture of the soul essences and looking at this picture every day in a loving grateful way or dancing, or perhaps yoga. We are welcoming home a long lost friend, returning vitality, a journey toward wholeness, a start of positive new changes and hope.


The session rate is $100/hour.  A session typically lasts 90 minutes. 


*I never want money to be a barrier to this work. Please contact me if the rates  present a hardship, and we can work something out.

Soul Retrieval for Animals


Soul Retrieval can also be performed on pets and other animals that have suffered trauma.  This work is done remotely.  Please contact me for more information.

Request Your Appointment

Call me at 207-331-7707 or send me your requested day and time and I will get back to you regarding availability.  Please include your time zone.

Grace S.

For more than three decades I felt like a huge part of me was missing. I’d look in the mirror and feel disconnected from my self and not whole. I began to think this was “normal” , however deeply, I knew it was not. 


JoAnn, the moment I heard you talking about Soul Retrieval, I was instantly curious. Somehow I knew that I wanted this experience, and probably even needed it. 


The soul essence of SELF LOVE was gently and graciously returned to me. This was remarkable for me because for the years I lived without it, I was so empty.


I feel so different now.  It’s hard to describe this experience. Right after the soul retrieval, honestly I did not feel much. The next day however, was a completely different story. I woke up having floods of feelings. They were all good and positive. I was emotional, cried a lot but was not sad, was full of love and clumsy as ever. I felt like a little excited child wearing shoes way too big for me. Then I remembered JoAnn, you said it would take time for this to integrate and reconnect with the rest of my soul. 


Today I feel like the soul essence you retrieved for me is a gift that keeps showing me my beauty every day. I feel full, happy, connected, with eyes wide open to my future, and loving myself. I was lost. Now I am home, and peaceful. JoAnn, whole heartedly, I have YOU to Thank. Forever grateful for your healing powers and the wisdom of Soul Retrieval.

Heather K.

My work and some other aspects of my life had been in a rut for the past couple of years. I was aware that I needed to make changes but not sure what these were and how to get the ball rolling. I was spinning my wheels recirculating worried thoughts about finances and wasting energy wondering why I was stuck.


I thought of my friend JoAnn and her work doing soul retrieval/polarity. I wasn’t sure what a soul retrieval was but I knew I felt out of balance and this seemed a good place to start, perhaps to help clear an obstacle and reclaim something that would help me get back into the FLOW!


So I made an appointment and was soon over at JoAnn’s warm, inviting and safe healing space. It is a space filled with beautiful natural treasures she has gathered or made: feathers, beach stones, gemstones and her spiral and sea life paintings. Just entering this sacred space is restorative. We began by discussing my situation and recognizing what needed to be released. Next while I lay on the bodywork table JoAnn played drumming music and began to sing/tone over me while activating bodywork points. JoAnn’s singing/toning was my favorite part of the session. She has a lovely, resonant voice. While she was singing I felt cradled by angelic and healing forces. We ended up finding two important soul parts that wanted to return to me and welcomed them back.


It has been a few weeks since the session and now that I have integrated the work, which JoAnn mentioned might take a couple of weeks, I feel much more grounded and energized. I have a sense of what direction to go in and am starting to move forward with making the necessary changes.


I am so grateful for the work we did together and for JoAnn’s unique and special skills as a shaman/polarity therapist. I have recommended her to other friends in need of this profound and life changing, healing work!

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