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Home and Land Clearing Work and Ceremony

Blessing and Healing(Clearing) Ceremonies for Buildings and Land  

Our homes and land have a soul, a life force, as does each tree, rock and creature that lives there. In Shamanic cultures, homes were built with much care and attention to each material used. Each stone and each tree cut for wood was honored.  Songs were sung and blessings were made as the structure was built to fill it with good energy. 


Today homes are built quickly and cheaply without gratitude for materials or acknowledgement of the life force of the home or land. Trees are cut down without honoring them. Plants are torn out, and the land is vastly disrupted causing a loss of its essence, peace, and balance.  Land can also be traumatized through previous war and violence. 


Blessing and clearing ceremonies can restore tranquility, vitality and harmony to land and buildings that have been neglected and not spiritually honored.  This work can bring back the soul of a property that feels lifeless and unwelcoming. Included as part of the clearing work is the removal of stuck beings.  Psychopomping of entities is always completed in a compassionate way. Non-beneficial energy ley lines are also worked with within the home to create harmony for the occupants.   A ceremony is created to empower the occupant(s) by connecting then with the property on a beautiful soul level, filling the inhabitants with a new sense of peace, beauty and wonder.  


Each ceremony will be created specifically to honor and work with the distinct energies of the home and land.  The time to create a Blessing/Clearing Ceremony and clearing work leading up to it will vary with each property and situation. This work can be done remotely or in person.  Please contact me to set up a free phone consultation and discuss the process.  


Please reach out with any questions or for a free phone consultation. 

  • $100/Hour for journeys, clearing work, and creation of Honoring Ceremony. For larger projects, a second Shamanic Healer may be involved.

  • Travel costs: $50/Hour plus fuel and tolls.


"The land clearing we did at our property in Hollis provided a great opportunity for everyone in the household to participate and become more aware of our surrounding land. The ceremony itself was very pleasant with guidance on many levels to have a seamless flow throughout the day. It’s been 5 months and we have never been more connected to the land"


-Monica C., Hollis ME 

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“I was really amazed at the abilities of JoAnn and Nancy in the clearing of my property. They came up with a set of tasks that I needed to perform to heal the land. I did everything they asked me to do and could definitely feel a sense of peace and lightness. They also gave me instructions on how to maintain the health of my property. I would definitely recommend their services for personal issues or issues related to the health of your property.” 

- Nina P.

Rio Vista, CA 

"The summer after my husband died peacefully in our bed, I had trouble sleeping. Although this could have been a normal symptom of grief, I noticed that sleep was most difficult at home, and I slept soundly in other places.  I began to wonder if there were spiritual and energetic forces at work, especially since my husband’s passing.  I had used shamanic work in the past to clear energy from homes, so decided to explore if that would help me to rest more easily.

 At the same time, there were disagreements among the family about my husband’s estate which were very distressing for me. I was caught up in a swirl of uncertainty and fear, and felt the need to defend myself at all times against the conflicts. I wondered if spirits could provide insights into the roots of the conflict, including what I could do to reduce my suffering.

Nancy and JoAnn provided the house clearing and personal insights that I wanted and more. Based on their journeys, they designed ceremonies that removed the negative energy from my bedroom and connected me to the loving spirits of the land and trees that surround my home. They provided insights into the sources of the family conflict and helped me create protective structures and practices that allowed my heart to expand.

Grief is still painful. There are still conflicts about the estate. I am more settled and secure in my home and heart."

- Sue M. 

Boothbay, ME 

"As a family embarking on a new chapter, moving to a new state and town, and into a new home, we needed to have the reassurance that this property and land was ready for us. We felt supported and guided through that by Nancy and JoAnn. We needed to understand and feel that whatever past stories our new home may hold, it would not be imparted onto our families’ next chapter. We did a gratitude fire, which felt good and comforting to us. And it was amazing to learn of how Nancy and JoAnn connected with the energy of what will be our new home and how they worked to create space for us to begin there."


Middlebury, VT

Leeza K.

JoAnn’s work is some of the most powerful and effective treatment I have ever received. Every time I leave her, I feel grounded, more like myself, and am more aware of my body and mind.

Charles S.

JoAnn Dowe may well experience joy through the healing she provides through her practice. I am here to express my appreciation for the joy I have experienced during and after her treatments. 

Amanda S.

JoAnn takes the time to understand her clients, so she is able to provide customized treatments that meet their needs.  JoAnn is sincere in her approach to heal others and ensures they are satisfied.   

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