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Thank you for visiting my Art Page! I am excited to share my work. I put a lot of heart and feeling into each piece. Please read my Artist Statement for more information about how I create them. 


In addition to the offerings for sale, I have included photo's some of my favorite paintings that are either sold or "not for sale". If you see anything that interests you from either category, please reach out. I would be delighted to create something especially for you! 


I am also now offering personal healing “Soul Art”. Please read on!

Artist Statement: JoAnn Dowe

I have found the process of abstract painting using mixed media to be profound and healing. I am able to tap into a deep part of my soul, my highest self. Often, powerful healing energy gets accessed, when I create, and it is embedded into the art.  I believe that this energy continues to do its work through the paintings.


My art is influenced not only by my journey within, but by my journeys abroad. Costa Rica, the American southwest, Ireland, Africa, Mexico, and Maine’s coast and mountains are some of the places that inspire me to create.  I connect deeply with the earth, the elements, and the ancient beings that once occupied the lands.


I work with natural materials that ask to be included; birch bark, driftwood, branches, stems, lichens, leaves, feathers, berries, mica, stones, shells, seaweed, and sand. Their healing energy becomes part of the work. I also use many different recycled and repurposed materials that are part of life’s daily activities.


I am constantly trying out new textures and ways to do things. I am excited for you to see what I am offering.


If you are connecting with any of the soul paintings, please reach out, I would love to create something special for you.    

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Soul Art  - Sacred Art for Healing the Soul


Since I began creating mixed media abstract art in 2016, I have felt that powerful healing energy is channeled through the art. Sometimes a particular angel or divine being comes through. Other times an animal, mystical creature, or celestial being appears as the work develops. Many of the pieces invoke an immediate visceral response from an art patron; a strong energetic connection that I know is a healing connection. I feel the call to offer personal healing art. 


I am excited to now offer personal “soul art” pieces created for each client, imbued with the energy they need for empowerment and healing.  I will journey to be shown an image that will channel healing energy for the client.  I will then create an original piece, signed and named, on canvas or board using mixed media materials.  


Two sizes are offered: 


9” x 12” or 10” x 10” for  $150


12” x 18” or 14” x 14” for $300


To introduce this work, I would like to offer a 20% discount to the first three people to purchase a piece of Soul Art!!