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Thank you for visiting my Art Page! I am excited to share these paintings. I put a lot of heart and feeling into them. Please read the Artist Statement for more information about me and how I create them. 


In addition to the offerings for sale, I have included photo's some of my favorite paintings that are either sold or "not for sale". If you see anything that interests you, whether it has been sold or is not for sale, please reach out. I would be delighted to create something for you as special as what you see here. 


Artist Statement: JoAnn Dowe


Abstract painting is the most freeing form of artistic expression that I have it ever experienced. I love that there are no rules, and a vast arena for experimentation. I started painting in earnest in early 2016, after a 40 + year hiatus from visual arts. I was a sketch artist through middle school, and turned to technical drawing in high school in preparation for Engineering school.  For many years, as I moved through various technical work roles and the mothering of my two boys, my creativity expressed itself in the forms of fabric, yarn, and food.  I have come full circle now, back to who I was in my youth, and fully embracing this newer way of working with my hands.


My art is influenced by my journeys abroad, Costa Rica, the American southwest, and Ireland more recently.  I connect deeply with the earth, the elements, and the ancient beings that once occupied the lands. I work with natural materials that ask to be included; birch bark, branches, stems, lichens, leaves, feathers, berries, small stones, sand. Their healing energy becomes part of the work. I also use many recycled and repurposed materials. This winter I collected fishing line, various ropes, and plastic netting that had washed up on the beach at Fort Williams, a massive intertwined clump of fishing waste. I deeply felt the entanglement energy of this discarded mass. I wanted to turn it into something positive. The results of this work can be seen in some of the 4 “ by 4” and 6” x 6” mini’s, and the 4” x 12” painting entitled Threads of Life.


I have found the process of abstract painting to be profound in so many ways. I find that I am able to tap into the deepest parts of my soul, although I don't always realize that this is happening. My work represents a raw primal part of me, and often, powerful healing energy that gets accessed, when I create.  I believe that this healing energy continues to do it work through the paintings.


I hope you enjoy what you see, and that the one that is right for you will make itself known!

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An intimate look at my 6”x 6” Acrylic mixed media works. Lively, colorful textured paintings, available for $75 each. Mix and match! Lots of options.
Mixed Media Work



Portland, Maine


Call JoAnn at 207-331-7707.


Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.  Some evening and weekend appointments can be arranged as well.


JoAnn Dowe is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Polarity Practitioner and Certified AromaTouch Technique Practitioner.  She serves clients in her beautiful healing space in Portland, Maine. JoAnn is also an artist, creating divinely inspired, abstract paintings.  Check out My Art for more information.

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