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Paradigm Shift 

Paradigm Shift Technique 

Our day to day interactions with loved ones and others in our life can lead to loss of personal power, depletion, overwhelm, and anxiety. It is possible to reclaim our energy and get back into our power by releasing the expectations, projections, judgments and limitations made by others on us.


This work allows big evolution to happen in a short period of time.  The process helps shift karma, dissolve limitations, and connect to your real power and divine connection. It is a series of powerful releasing affirmations spoken while I clear the energy field during and after each affirmation.  You then call back and embody your power, strength, joy, integrity, inner peace, happiness and all of the qualities you want, and your Divine Right to thrive in every aspect of your being.


Paradigm Shift work is empowering and highly effective to break free of the weight and burdens put upon you by others. 



Remote sessions:  All the work described in this section can be done remotely. Please reach out with any questions or for a free phone consultation. 

  • Paradigm Shift Technique:  For all sessions, the rate is $100/hour.   A session typically lasts 90 minutes. 

Request Your Appointment

Call me at 207-331-7707 or send me your requested day and time and I will get back to you regarding availability.

Leeza K.

JoAnn’s work is some of the most powerful and effective treatment I have ever received. Every time I leave her, I feel grounded, more like myself, and am more aware of my body and mind.

Charles S.

JoAnn Dowe may well experience joy through the healing she provides through her practice. I am here to express my appreciation for the joy I have experienced during and after her treatments. 

Amanda S.

JoAnn takes the time to understand her clients, so she is able to provide customized treatments that meet their needs.  JoAnn is sincere in her approach to heal others and ensures they are satisfied.   

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