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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy is the art and science of balancing the life energy within the body. Developed by Dr. Randolf Stone, D.O., DC, N.D. (1890-1981), Polarity is an integrated approach to treating the body, mind and spirit. Human beings are composed of sensitive energy patterns that constitute our physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.  These patterns, described by the ancient cultures of India and China as prana or chi, are also referred to as our aura. When the currents become blocked, we experience disease, pain, stress, lack of mental clarity, and emotional distress.

lady holding womans head in healing room

Polarity Therapy is gentle bodywork that clears and balances the body's energy field, restoring harmony and vibrant health. It works to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, physical pain from arthritis and headaches, and emotional pain. It can increase physical energy, mental clarity, self-awareness, and vitality, help improve sleep, circulation, digestion, and organ function. Polarity is profoundly relaxing to receive, and clients typically experience deep shifts, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Treatments are received while lying on a comfortable massage table fully clothed and tucked in with blankets and other props. Each session is individual to the client's needs and uses a combination of "massage like" moves, reflexology, gentle rocking, cranial sacral work, the connection of pressure points, toning, and quartz crystals to clear blocks and restore the body's energy field to perfect balance. Prior to the body work, there is always a thorough discussion of the client's needs and goals for the session. Clients typically experience deep relaxation, mental clarity, empowerment, energy boosts, a sense of well-being, releases of physical and emotional pain, grounding, and more.


Polarity sessions typically last between 75 and 90 minutes, but may go longer depending on the time a client needs for intake, the work to clear and balance the energetic system, and follow up. 


The fee for the first session is $150.  For following sessions, the rate is $80/hour.   A session typically lasts 90 minutes. 


*I never want money to be a barrier to this work. Please contact me if the rates present a hardship, and we can work something out.

Distance Healing


It is not necessary to be in the physical presence of a client in order to perform a Polarity Therapy Session. The work can be done from afar, as it is the energy of the client that is being worked with. Many times, the work can be more powerful for the client, as the ego is not involved, and the distractions experienced by the physical body are minimized.


For distance healing work, I will have an extended conversation with the client before I begin the work. I will then do the healing work while the client is resting quietly at home or even sleeping. Following the work, I will make a phone call to the client to share all that happened during the Polarity Session including any spiritual guidance received for the client.


Distance work allows clients from out of town, or people with mobility issues to receive Energy Healing work without having to travel or be inconvenienced.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

The Power of the Human Voice to Heal

Ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for healing using music, chanting, prayer, toning, drums, bells, singing bowls, gongs, and wind instruments. It is known that sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficiently than through air. The human body is made up of 50-65% water, making it a receptive vessel for vibration and sound input.


The human voice has a tremendous ability to be an instrument for healing. Vocal toning (singing one tone per breath) helps restore the vibrational pattern of the body (physical and energetic) back to its perfect electro-magnetic field. As a singer, I feel that my voice is a powerful tool to enhance Polarity work. I tone throughout each session, intuiting what tones are needed in various areas of the body. I feel that the toning “ramps” up the session, clearing blocks more quickly, re-setting cells and energetic pathways, and re-establishing balance and harmony in the body and mind. The clients do notice, and feel the tones in a very positive way.

Request Your Appointment

Call me at 207-331-7707 or send me your requested day and time and I will get back to you regarding availability.


Polarity sessions typically last between 75 and 90 minutes, but may go longer depending on the time a client needs for intake, the work to clear and balance the energetic system, and follow up. 

Thanks! I'll get with you soon.

Cindy S.

I love Polarity.  I find it more relaxing than traditional massage and on a different plane entirely. I schedule regular sessions as a health maintenance effort.

Peter C.

JoAnn is a naturally gifted and well-trained practitioner. Her Polarity sessions allow one to go deep into layer upon layer of relaxation, stillness and healing providing a great treatment for the body/mind!

Michele P.

JoAnn approaches Polarity therapy as one who understands and believes in the healing powers of holistic therapies. I truly had a profound experience in my Polarity Therapy session with her.

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