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Happy Fall and New Offerings!

Well, I am a bit surprised to see how much time has passed since my last email blog in March. Fall is upon us now, weather getting cooler and leaves beginning to drop. I hope you have enjoyed a beautiful summer with its many gifts.  Bright sunshine, garden bounty, powerful thunderstorms, warm (ish) ocean breezes, bees, insects, birds, animals, flowers, fragrance, vibrant colors, and long days have graced us. Mine was full of fun activities, new learning’s, and contemplative time. Now we prepare to going inward, as the days get shorter and the temps cooler. I speak to my New England and northern U.S. friends here! I have much to share, and this “blog” may get long but please bear with me, as I get into a bit of detail. Since April, I have been studying shamanism in a concentrated way, enrolled in a 9 month Apprenticeship Program taught by Dory Cote of Brunswick, who studied with internationally known Sandra Ingerman. The program is teaching me a full body of shamanic work that I can now offer you in addition to Polarity Sessions, Soul Retrievals, and Aromatherapy.  Here is a description of what I have learned and feel ready to offer:  ~ Death and Dying Work:  In ancient times, people welcomed, accepted, and were not afraid of death. In modern times, especially in western cultures, there is fear and a lack of understanding when it comes to the dying process, and especially with sudden loss.  Our culture is disconnected from nature, and the natural cycle. Many of us are isolated and lack community. As a shamanic practitioner, I can help a person nearing the end of their life find peace during the process, and enabling him or her to go home with more ease and trust, less fear, more acceptance.   Psychopomping is the process of helping the stuck spirits of the deceased cross over.  A soul can become “stuck” when they die with trauma such as suicide, murder, war, natural disasters, accidents, and overdoses. Souls that get stuck usually do not know that they have died, and need some help getting to the light. Psychopomping helps these poor souls join their loved ones and ancestors.  ~ Extractions: Extraction work is the process of removing energy “intrusions” from the body. An intrusion is dense negative energy that gets embedded in the energy body after exposure to another’s negative words, thoughts, or actions.  Anyone who has been verbally abused has intrusions. Intrusions can cause physical pain, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, negative thoughts, and PTSD.Extraction work removes intrusions and fills the voids with clean source energy. It is transformational work.  ~ Power Animal Retrievals:  Everyone has a animal spirit that is with them at some point in their lives. They bring personal power, guardianship, and strength. They can leave when things get eroded, ie. if we forget them or stop noticing them. An early journey assignment in this program was to retrieve a power animal for a practice partner. My partner brought back a black panther to me.  I had no recollection of ever admiring or connecting with one, but later I remembered having a black panther statue made of onyx when I was in my 20’s. It fell and broke, and I eventually forgot about the panther.  I am very grateful to have this black beauty back on my “team”. Power animals restore wellbeing, personal power, motivation, and feelings of safety.  Children greatly benefit from this work. A retrieved power animal can provide strength to help with bullying, alleviate night fears, and more. Pets struggling with separation anxiety, trauma and physical ailments can also benefit from this work.  Work on animals is done remotely. ~ Toning or Transfiguration: Toning has always been part of my healing sessions. It is an effective way to move out dense energy in the body, using the voice to vibrate and heal the cells. As a singer, I have always felt called to tone in my sessions. Clients can feel “things” lifting away as I sing. Shamanic transfiguration is toning on a new level with a higher level of awareness on my part.  I am offering an hour session of toning, opening my heart to its fullest and allowing pure source energy to flood the client’s energetic system. It is deeply felt by the clients and brings in peace, and cellular healing.  If any of the description above speaks to you, please reach out and we can schedule a session.  I can answer any questions as well. Before performing a shamanic healing, I will always do a diagnostic journey to learn what is needed for the highest good of the client.  Clients sometimes thinkthey need a particular piece of work. The diagnostic could reveal that a client needs other work before being ready to have what they think they need. All work is performed while the client is clothed and lying on my comfy massage table with blankets.  All work can be done remotely.  Thank you for reading. I am beyond excited to be offering Shamanic Healing work in conjunction with Polarity Therapy! Looking forward to hearing from you if you feel curious or drawn to the descriptions here. Trust your instincts. : )  Or just reply to let me know how you are!

Happy fall. Love,  JoAnn

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