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During the “Holidaze”, Remember to Listen to Yourself and My Gift to You

It is that time of year, when thoughts and actions turn to decorating with lights and evergreens, shopping lists, holiday music and shows, and festive celebrations with family and friends.  There are lots of expectations placed on outcomes with others, and with ourselves.  I love the word, “Holidaze”.  It is easy to become dazed and overwhelmed with all that goes on, in addition to our usual life activities.  Here is a gentle reminder to allow time each day to listen to your inner voice, the voice of your soul, your higher self, the one that whispers to you of what you need for yourself. I will admit that I had many years of not listening to my higher self during the holidays, although I heard the messages. I would run the holiday race with all the other racers, filling the calendar with the parties, decorating, taking the family photo for the Christmas card (a challenging task with little ones), signing and sending out the cards, putting up the tree (this activity almost always ended in a marital dispute), baking, cooking, shopping and wrapping gifts, and finally driving to three different states to visit each of the grandparents.  The collective energy during the Holidays is pretty frantic and I was easily affected. By Christmas Eve, I would be running on adrenaline, completely depleted, and too exhausted to enjoy the magic of this time of year, the quiet of the snowy landscapes, the beauty of the lights, the music, the joy of gathering, the presence of spirit as we honor the birth of Jesus. Does this sound familiar at all?  ; ) Now that I am older and wiser, ha ha ha, I realize that I could have played the game a different way, just by checking in with myself as I navigated the holiday months. By asking myself what I needed each day and listening to my guidance, I could have lessened my stress and duress. My soul knew then and knows now what I need for nurturing and ease.   If you are already “checking in”, and following the messages you receive, wonderful! I love this! Your soul thanks you. Messages come in the form of an urge or a nudge, or the first thought you have when you are considering a decision.  It is important to get quiet in your mind for a few minutes to hear them. Following these nudges to go out for a walk, taking time to stretch your body, listening to a guided meditation, scheduling body work, attending a yoga class, doing a craft, reading a book, or taking a walk in the woods, allow the body and mind to relax, decompress and get out of fight or flight mode.  Listening and following the guidance from our higher self will make it a different experience. We know what we need for ourselves. Our inner wisdom exists, and we just need to give the space to allow it to come forward. When we allow space, unanticipated blessings show up.  

It is my wish for you during the Holidays that you experience the Joy, Peace and magical gifts that come at this time of year with ease and flow. Sending love and deep gratitude for you and your love of yourself. As my gift to you, I am offering 20% off Polarity Therapy, Aromatherapy and Shamanic sessions booked now through December 31st. Click the link to request a session or send an email. Please mention this promotion when you reach out to book your session. Blessings and Happy Holidays!

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