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Don't Forget To Put Your Mask On First!

Happy Full Moon, Halloween, and Samhain (a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of winter and the end of harvest).  My title for this blog is appropriate in many ways given the mask wearing times we are in, and it being Halloween too. 

I hope you are surviving well in this new world that we must now navigate which has brought loss on so many levels, and a range of subtle to drastic life changes requiring new ways of coping and adjusting.  Add the upcoming election and political upheaval and we have quite a mix of stressors. 

As I work with depleted and overwhelmed clients, and connect with empathic caregiving friends and family members, I see people trying to do too much for others, or plowing through the tasks on the self-created list, without checking in about their own needs along the way. A question to ask yourself: Am I taking care of me as well as I take care of my children, parents, grandparents, clients, spouse, friends, pets?  Have I joined my beloved yoga class lately, or taken a nature walk, received a massage, or enjoyed a good book, as of late? Have I ignored a needed visit to the doctor or Holistic therapist? Am I blowing it off because there is too much else to do? Am I pushing hard to get it all done each day, while my own body and nervous system is screaming for attention?

In my mind, one of the most important pieces of instruction given on every airplane before take off is to put your mask on first before helping others. Seems so simple right? We are talking about basic survival here. If a situation occurs on a plane where the cabin becomes destabilized, the oxygen masks pop down for everyone. You have a choice. If you are the type to put others before you, you ignore the mask hanging there in front of you providing needed oxygen, and jump up to help those around you who need assistance.  Unfortunately, eventually you will pass out or even die from this choice.  With your mask on giving you life saving oxygen, you can help others without depleting your own life force. It’s that simple. It’s not selfish to take care of your own needs. Think of it as generous. When you serve from a rested, balanced state of mind, body and soul, you can do so much more for your loved ones. You also model self-care for others who are depleting themselves. It’s a win-win and everyone receives what is in his or her highest and best.  

If you are reading this and saying to yourself, I am fine, I need to keep going, no-one can take over for me, there is an opportunity to investigate where this comes from.  Go beneath these thoughts, to the feelings. Is there anger, hurt, hopelessness? Maybe you are not sure. You can choose a different way, and you will receive the support you need. Surrendering brings peace along with the help that shows up from your guides through helping humans. Give yourself what you need. If you can’t seem to do this, that is information for you. There may be old inner messages, stories or blocks that no longer serve you.  Reach out to a professional for help.

These are auspicious times with powerful energies.  Check out Astrologer Pam Gregory’s most recent reading on the full moon in Taurus.  

Love yourself enough to take care of your own needs. Listen to your inner voice.  Notice what messages come and act on them.  Try saying to yourself each day, “I choose loving myself. I choose me.” You are loved.  Love is everything. 

Consider having a full moon fire this weekend. The full moon is a powerful time for releasing what no longer serves. Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to let go of that no longer supports you. This could be patterns of behavior, thoughts, emotional pain, anything. Write it on a piece of paper and let the fire transmute the energy. Thank the fire by offering it some cornmeal, tobacco, and sage. Perfect and easy.

Blessings and full moon wishes,


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