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Hello.  I'm JoAnn Dowe.  As a caring and intuitive practitioner, I am attentive and tuned-in to my client’s needs and desires for each session. My goal is to create a safe, secure and love-filled space for this most beautiful and sacred work. I consider it an honor to assist with your personal shift to a more relaxed, grounded, enlightened and empowered you. 


My sessions integrate a variety of healing modalities, which include Polarity Therapy, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry and holographic healing work (Heart Lotus Evolution therapy). When a person has clear goals and an openness to receive, powerful healing experiences can occur.  I work with my guides, your guides and your Higher Self to "bring in" what will most support your specific needs, your evolution and your divine purpose.  


I have provided information on many types of Shamanic healing work, the modality of Polarity Therapy, Heart Lotus Evolution healing, Sacred Geometry, and the benefits of Sound Healing. Please reach out with any questions. 


Please know that regardless of your location, we can work together. Remote sessions are highly effective, and allow you to experience the healing work from the comfort of your own home. Read on for more information.  


I look forward to working with you soon. Thank you for visiting my site!

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"The quieter you become, the more you hear."

 - Rumi

How Can I Help?


Polarity Therapy is the art and science of balancing the life energy within the body. Polarity Therapy is gentle bodywork that clears and balances the energy currents, restoring harmony and vibrant health. 

It is believed that whenever a person suffers an emotional or physical trauma, that a fragment of our soul, a soul essence (part of our life force) flees the body in order to survive the experience.

Shamanic healing work can help in many situations when you feel stuck, disempowered, confused, drained, anxious, depressed, sick.

Our homes and land also have a soul, a light force.  Blessing and Clearing ceremonies and other clearing work can restore tranquility, vitality, and harmony to land and buildings that have been neglected, not spiritually honored, or affected by non beneficial ley lines, previous trauma or stuck souls.

Do you feel tired, drained and burdened by someone else's expectations, projections and judgments of you? Reclaim your power and free yourself of other people's energy, and what they have placed upon you that is not yours. 

JoAnn is a naturally gifted and well-trained practitioner. Her Polarity sessions allow one to go deep into layer upon layer of relaxation, stillness and healing providing a great treatment for the body/mind!

Peter C., Portland, ME

JoAnn’s work is some of the most powerful and effective treatment I have ever received. Every time I leave her, I feel grounded, more like myself, and am more aware of my body and mind. I recommend Polarity to anyone- particularly with JoAnn. 

Leeza K. Portland, ME

Every session I have with you is like drinking from a chalice of golden luminescence. I love that your voice stirs the elixir of energy you draw in with the highest of intentions. It's easy to trust all that is and to go deep with the natural sweetness of your grace. Thank you always! 

Meredy H., Portland, ME

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